[CS408] Computer Science Project

Fall 2016

Objective: This class is a project-oriented course in which students design, develop, test, and validate a software system in a team. The primary objectives are that students learn project management as a team and experience the full cycle of software system design and implementation.

  • Instructor: Jongmoon Baik
  • Instructor: Joon-Sang Lee


  • Teaching Assistant: Jong-In Jang


  • Teaching Assistant: Hyung-Joon Jung


  • Teaching Assistant: Sang-Mo Kang


  • Teaching Assistant: Hyung-Sun Lim


  • Grading Policy:
    • 9/19(Mon) 1min Elevator Pitch (5%) 
    • 10/5(Wed) Projecct Document (20%) 
    • 10/17(Mon) 5min MOSP (15%) 
    • 12/12(Mon) 1min Elevator Pich (5%) 
    • 12/12(Mon) Poster Presentation (15%) 
    • Mentoring (32%) 
    • Attendance (8%)