SEP521                                소프트웨어 공학 원리                          SPRING 2017


Summary of Lecture:

This course is a graduate-level introductory course on the fundamental concepts and principles of software engineering. This course is designed to provide students with all aspects of software development from the requirement specification to the maintenance of a software system. It also includes software development processes as well as all the activities such as project management, supporting tools, and other supporting theories.


Instructor:        Jongmoon Baik

Phone: 042-350-3556   Mobile: 010-4618-5904

Email: jbaik .AT.kaist.ac.kr


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Syllabus: SEP521 2017 spring

Questionnaire: download


3/20  Assignment 2 Uploaded

4/5  SRS Example Uploaded / SRS submission Due date Apr. 11

5/1  SDD Tamplate Uploaded

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