Hyuncheol Park

[M.S., '08 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Historical value-based approach for cost-cognizant test case prioritization to improve the effectiveness of regression testing”

Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi

[M.S., '08 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Software project risk estimation using bayesian belief networks”

Pan Zhedan

[M.S., '08 Spring]

Thesis Title: “A QoS enhanced framework and trust model for effective web service selection”

Minhyuk Oh

[M.S., '08 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An efficient approach for QoS-aware service selection based on a tree-based algorithm”

Youngki Hong

[M.S., '08 Spring]
Thesis Title: “A value-added predictive defect type distridution model based on project characteristics”

Hoyeon Ryu

[Former Research Professor: 06.08~08.11]

Wangbong Lee

[M.S., '09 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Software Reliability Prediction for Open Source Software Adoption Systems Based on Early Lifecycle Measurements”

Dalju Lee

[M.S., '10 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Effective Software Reliability Assessment Process for Weapon System”

Taeyong Kwon

[M.S., '10 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Software Cost Estimation Model Development with Consideration of Characteristics in a Defense Domain”

Yongjun Choi

[Former Post. Doc.: 10.01~10.02]

Myungmuk Kang

[M.S., '10 Summer]
Thesis Title: “A Reliability Estimation Model Based on Software Falut and Removal Effort”

Sejun Kim

[M.S., '10 Summer]
Thesis Title: “An Effective Fault Aware Test Case Prioritization by Incorporating a Fault Localization Technique”

Hunjae Lee

[M.S., '10 Summer]
Thesis Title: “Simplification of resource constraints in generalized stochastic petri net-based software performance models”

Seongyoung Lim

[M.S., '10 Summer]
Thesis Title: “A verification method for web service composition based on discrete event system modeling and simulation”

Youngsu Han

[M.S., '11 Spring]

Taewan Gu

[Former Research Professor: 2008~2011.11]

Daeui Hong

[M.S., '11 Spring]
Thesis Title: “A white box reliability prediction technique for supporting traceability”

Gukhyun Kim

[M.S., '12 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Effective Software Reliability Allocation Technique with Consideration of Multiple Project Constraints”

Kibum Park

[M.S., '12 Spring]

JungSup Oh

[Former Post. Doc.: 12.01~12.08]

Wonjae Lee


Ilseok Suh

[M.S., '13 Summer]

Taeho Lee

[Ph.D., '13 Summer]
Thesis Title: “Enhancing the multiple regression-based software cost estimation modeling process by adopting bootstrapping method”

Taehyun Kim

[M.S., '14 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Effective Parameter Estimation Technique for Software Reliability Growth Model using Real-valued Genetic Algorithm”

Dajun Kim

[M.S., '14 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Improving the reliability Prediction Accuracy for Composite Services consideration of User and Service Environment”

Minsung Chae

[M.S., '15 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Effective Change-points Detection via Genetic Algorithm for improving Software Reliability Prediction”

Kwangkyu Lee

[M.S., '15 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Location-based Web Service QoS Prediction via Preference Propagation for Solving Cold Start Problem”

Nak-Won Lee

[M.S., '15 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Path Abstraction based Counterexample Checker for Abstract Model Checking”

Joonseok Yang

[M.S., '15 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Improving Vulnerability Prediction Accuracy with Secure Coding Standard Violation Measures”

Jong-In Jang

[M.S., '16 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Automatic Requirements Prioritization Approach Based on Stakeholder Needs Representativeness”

Jinhee Park

[M.S., '12 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Embedded Software Reliability Model with Consideration of Hardware related Software Failures”
[Ph.D., '16 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Effective Model Combination Approach based on Adaptive Criteria Tree for Software Reliability Prediction”
[Former Post. Doc.: 16.03~16.05]

Duksan Ryu

[Ph.D., '16 Summer]
Thesis Title: “A Hybrid Instance Selection using Nearest-Neighbor Framework for Cross-Project Defect Prediction with Consideration of Class Imbalance”

Jusang Jung

[M.S., '17 Spring]
Thesis Title: “Novel Defectiveness Factors for Change Level Software Defect Prediction”

Sangmo Kang

[M.S., '18 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Input Domain Selection Method based on Multi-criteria in Data-Driven Software Reliability Model”

Hyung Sun Lim

[M.S., '18 Spring]
Thesis Title: “An Effective Software Defect Prediction Based on Change Level Defect Removal Activity”

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