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Software Reliability Tool professional Version 1.0 Developed by SPIRAL in KAIST, Developer: Myungmuk Kang SRTpro (Software Reliability Tool professional) was developed as a software reliability measurement tool during software development life cycle for software reliability engineers. SRTpro provides software prediction models and estimation models in order to deal with software reliability at early phases such as requirement, design, and code and subsquent phases such as software testing phases. SRTpro incorporates the mathematical modeling capabilities of the public domain tool SMERFS (Statistical Modeling and Estimation of Reliability Functions for Software), and runs in a Microsoft Windows environment. SRTpro installation SRTpro can be installed in a .Net Framework environment. Therefore, before installing the SRTpro, you must install at least .Net Framwork 2.0. After the .Net Framework is installed, the SRTpro install file can run and the SRTpro can be installed.

Decision tree based software reliability prediction tool  

This tool supports a simple function for the software reliability prediction based on the predictive learning of multi-criteria. The tool is based on Matlab/Weka. The software failure data of an organization can be saved in a EXCEL file, and the tool reads all failure data of the file.
Guide / DTSRP.exe / MCRInstaller1.alz / MCRInstaller2.alz / MCRInstaller3.alz

HOM generator for HOTFUZ: cost-effective higher-order based fault localization

This tool implements the Unique Each Choice algorithm proposed to generate higher-order mutants designed to facilitate cost-effective mutation-based fault localization. The list of initial first-order mutants and the ranked list of target statements based on the program under the test’s spectrum-based fault localization shall be provided in CSV files. The format of the input files and the order of desired HOMs to be generated can be found in the comments of the source code. The output of Unique Each Choice algorithm which is the list of FOMs that should be merged together to form HOMs for HOTFUZ is contained in the resulting CSV file. unique_each_choice

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